Lash Lifting Training


Master Trainer


Stanka Sulganova


About the course

If you are looking for the perfect Eylashes Extention training tailored to your personal needs? Would you like to become a professional lash artist and expand your services portfolio?  If the answer is yes, look no further. You have come to the right place!



Nowadays, there is a wide range of different courses and trainings in this area, however, it is very difficult to find the right quality course that will really pass on the necessary knowledge from the best trainers with many years of experience. Our course is led by our master Stanka Sulganova, who meets all these expectations.


The Course plan

CLASSIC 1D Technique Course


Our basic training 1D Technique is designed for those students with no previous experience.


It can be purchased with a starter pack which includes:


– Eyelashes (C 0.10 7,8,9,10,11,12,13) – Glue – Tweezers 2x – Cleaning foam – Water bottle – Eyelash cleaning brush – Cleanser – Remover – Micro brushes (100pcs) – Spiral brushes (50pcs) – Applicators (50pcs) – Jade glue pad – Disposable glue pads – Eyelash palette – Microfoam tape – Micropore tape – Transpore tape – Kind removal tape (blue) – Veil – Spiral brush with a lid


The material used during the course in included in the price, therefore, it is not necessary for our students to bring their own.


After a successful completing of the course, the student will receive an international certificate and online support.


Price without the starting set: 350 €



Price with the starting set: 570 €


The Volume 3-8D Technique Course


This training is designed for those students who have already completed the basic 1D Technique training and are highly skilled in these techniques and looking for new challenges.

This is the latest technique in the eyelashes world and requires maximum concentration, accuracy and attention to details.

Price of this course is 370 €

Work our students

The 1D Technique Course Time Schedule

9:45 am Student registration

10:00-12:00am Theory

12:00-12:30pm Lunch break

12:30-1:30pm Practical exercises

1:30-5:30pm Practice on model

The Volume 3-8D Technique Course

8:45 am Student registration

9:00-11:00am Theory

11:00-11:30am Lunch break

11:30-1:00pm Practical exercises

1:00-4:00pm Practice on models

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