Hyaluron Pen Training

Grand Master

Beata Muskova

About the course

The reason for creating our “Hyaluron Pen Training” is to provide our students with theoretical basis while using practical examples. By submitting your application, you can become a professional technician who is able to perform this treatment at the highest possible quality. The Hyaluron pen course offers learning the latest trend in the application of hyaluronic acid products. It will allow you to expand the content of your business and bring your clients very desired and popular services in the world of beauty.


This training will teach you a revolutionary innovation in the field of beauty that is based on applying the hyaluronic acid to the skin without the use of needle. The equipment has a special piston with a spring which ensures the even and fast transportation of hyaluronic acid into the skin based on the created air pressure. The microscopic hole through hyaluronic acid, mesoc-cocktaules and biorevitalizants injected under the skin is twice less than the diameter of the need for injection. When applying cosmetics with hyaluron pen, the substances are absorbed and distributed under the skin better than while using basic needle injection.


The Course plan

The course is taken on Sturova 12 Bratislava (after an agreement, you can also choose other location). It is a 1-day workshop split into a theoretical and practical part. After completion of the course, the students receive a certificate of participation and 6-month online support. During this period, they can communicate with lecturers at any time to support their continuous improvement.

The theoretical part includes all areas which students need to know to successfully implement the procedure.


– introduction to the hyaluron pen training course
– client skin diagnosis
– how to set and use hyaluron pen correctly
– how to prepare yourself, clients and space performance – procedure
– proper care after the procedure
– contraindications


The practical part includes training on live models. During this part, the students are under the supervision of the lecturer, who is ready to answer all questions and provide advice throughout the course.


The price is 1700 eur- including hyaluron pen and start-up set.


The price is 1500 eur for old pen – including hyaluron pen and start-up set.


Work our students

The Course Time Schedule

10:00am Student registration

10:30am Theory

1:00pm Lunch break

1:30pm Practice on model

5:00pm Certification

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